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Mercury square Pluto

Crossing the line of obsession

Kelli Fox

Once you've decided something is important and worth your attention, woe to anyone who tries to change your direction or your mind. You'll become easily focused, to the point of obsession, on anything that manages to find a place in your brain. Whether this means solving a problem or convincing others to see something your way, you'll be absolutely relentless.

Folks will just have to get out of your way to avoid being lost in the shuffle of that problem-solving machine you've got lodged in your head.If there has been a prickly point in your life about which you'd like to come to an understanding and possibly smooth out, this will be your year. You just won't let up until all the pieces have fallen into place -- and even then you'll still push around at them a bit to make sure nothing is loose. Through it all, the most important thing for you to remember will be to keep an open mind and remain tolerant of other people's thoughts about your actions and opinions. Just because you think it, doesn't necessarily make it so, and if you can't back down just a little, every now and then, you'll find that those you care most about will have a hard time being around you.

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