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Mercury square North Node

Taking the illogical path

Kelli Fox

Sometimes, the most logical step is not always the right one for you to take. Keep that in mind as the year progresses. You'll be on a path to your future, but that path won't always follow the directions you expect -- you might have to stray from what your mind is telling you in order to follow what's deep in your heart.To a certain extent, your destiny has been plotted out for you, but we all have freewill, and it's up to you to find -- and choose to take -- the correct route.

This year, you'll be sorely tempted to be rational, but if you take a step back and really look closely, you'll discover that your analysis of a situation will not necessarily lead to the best outcome. For example, taking the job that pays more is not always the best way to build a career; sometimes you have to choose experience (or what you enjoy) over money. If you feel you're being led astray, you might want to study the biographies of people you admire to see how they dealt with different options with which they were faced. You might be surprised (and inspired) to discover that many people who have achieved greatness did so by rather unusual means.

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