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Mercury square Neptune

Confusion is a state of mind

Kelli Fox

Is it possible to spend an entire year lost in a state of confusion? Well, yes. And this particular planetary alignment will make it especially hard for you to remain focused or think logically.

Your world will be filled with miscommunications, which will lead you to become as flakey as ever. You'll also tend to be more forgetful than usual, which will just add to the flakiness. You might just want to warn everyone right from the start that they need to be prepared for this, so they don't get too frustrated. It would also be wise for you to get a calendar that you'll look at frequently and write all of your plans in only that one calendar.Your dream world will also be a cause of confusion for you. You'll find you have a hard time connecting to your dreams, and both remembering and understanding them will be a challenge. At the same time, it'll be easy for you to get lost in your daydreams and you could have difficulties finding your way back to reality. This chaos of the mind might tempt you to consider alternative forms of escape. If that includes watching a movie or reading a fictional story, then go for it -- these will enhance your imagination and give you a respite from reality. Just be sure to avoid turning to drugs or alcohol, as they'll only make the situation worse.

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  1. Ron on May 6, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Well, I’ll give credit for at least keeping it under the (18) paragraphs – gasp!! – another site used for this aspect. You did however completely overlook a most prominent part of this deal: a very shaky relationship with what the rest of us call “the truth”, even if it is only in self-expression. Other thing, my thing, is Astrology devotees have a very, very hard time relating stuff to the real world, as seen and experienced. To wit, gimmee, say, 20 prominent examples of how this or that aspect occurs in real life. It’s always: “..I have this friend” or “..my sister” etc. How about: David Bowie. Bob Dylan. Donald Trump. And, sorry Moonbats, Barack Obama, to include a conjunction with his Sun. Notorious CIA traitor Aldritch Ames.
    In the simplest form, I say: you can’t show me, in real life. where this plays out, then total nonsense. Not looking for statistics; it’s subjective, but please: if the best you can do is “…I, like, have this and I daydream a lot”, Adios. Thank you for your time.

The Astrologer

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