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Mercury square Mars

Restraint is also a virtue

Kelli Fox

You are becoming a loaded gun just waiting to go off. It's almost like you're hoping a fight will come your way; and if it doesn't, you may try to go find one. Those you love will eagerly await your next birthday, hoping that this aggressiveness will finally dissipate.

Their hopes will be fulfilled -- it will. But you can take action throughout the year to make this a little easier on both yourself and those around you.To start you must pay closer attention to what's going on around you and what you say. Many of your reactions will be completely unnecessary and they may come across as very brutal and harsh to their recipients. Try to base what you do and say off the nonverbal feedback of others. If your sweetheart just turns and walks away after one of your verbal lashings, then you've gone too far and need to apologize. Avoid making situations worse with careless comments or bragging. And when it comes to love, you must remember to step away from your emotions and move toward your thoughts. You'll be full of passion, but if you don't harness it properly, it could head off in the wrong direction. Feel through your emotions to find those that are positive, and only then should you allow them to your surface for your partner.

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