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Mercury sextile Saturn

A transfer of knowledge

Kelli Fox

Persistence is a virtue. Yes, normally that saying is more appropriate with 'patience,' but in your case, the stars have made an exception. From now until your next birthday, you'll have the gumption to get the job done, no matter how much time and effort it takes.

This will be made more powerful by the fact that you'll only apply yourself to projects that really are worth all that trouble.As you take on more projects and begin pestering people more to get the information you need, remember to call upon your own personal experiences for dealing with others. Consider how you respond to requests, and also offer up some advice to help with items other people are trying to cross of their lists -- your assistance will make them much more interested in helping you in return. If you find you enjoy the time you spend sharing your knowledge with those in need, you might want to consider teaching a class yourself. If that doesn't work out, try taking a class instead. Your mind will absorb and organize the new information well, and the simple transfer of knowledge is enough to make you happy now.

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