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Mercury sextile Pluto

A detective for the soul

Kelli Fox

Mystery surrounds you at every turn, no matter what stage of your life you're in, but far too frequently, it's easier to just ignore the unknown and notice only what's familiar. That's all about to change. From now until your next birthday, you'll get strangely bored by the familiar, and find you prefer uncovering and solving mysteries and puzzles.Your mind will be in top form and only the deepest of topics will interest you this year.

That goes double for problems that take a great deal of mental strength to solve. Anything difficult will interest you, from uncovering the secrets of the universe, to understanding the innermost thoughts of a lover or friend. You won't be satisfied with partial answers; you'll dig deep to find the absolute truth to every question and proposal brought to your attention.As such, this has the potential to be a very good year for your career and love life. You'll be so focused on knowing exactly what's going on and getting everything done perfectly that your boss can't help but reward you. Those same traits will be ideal for making the special someone in your life feel incredibly loved. If you're single, you'll find your ability to penetrate deep into another's soul will make you a fascinating partner to anyone lucky enough to find you.

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