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Mercury sextile North Node

Communicating with your future

Kelli Fox

Your future is in direct communication with your mind. That might sound crazy, but it's true. Your assignment for this year will be to pay close attention to the direction your mind is guiding you, for if you follow, you will be on the path to fulfilling your destiny.Thinking logically will be key this year.

You'll want to make sure you notice and assess everything around, from your interactions with those closest to you to your reactions to both local and world events. You'll be extremely sociable, and the confidences you keep can help further you on your path to self-discovery. Don't waste your time with small talk -- this is your time to discuss your life plans and how you can reach them. Because your focus is on making the present influence the future, this will be a pretty good year for relationships, career, travel; anything that will have an impact on you both now and in years to come. You'll have a great opportunity to take a relationship to a more committed level, or to find someone to whom you could commit. Your time spent at work and creating a place for yourself in this world will be quite beneficial, and don't underestimate the positive influence of new and different cultures.

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