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Mercury sextile Neptune

A study of your dreams

Kelli Fox

Dreams are funny things. They're encrypted messages from your subconscious to a slightly more aware state of consciousness, and then you have to take what you remember during your waking state to try to make sense of this code. Not exactly the easiest task, but nonetheless, it's your task for the upcoming year.Your dreams are your connection to your subconscious self, and when you learn to interpret them, you really learn more about who you are.

This deeper understanding of you will help you function more effectively in the 'real' world. Gone will be the superficial glamour of agreeing with mass opinion. Instead, you'll see your imagination grow, and you'll truly appreciate what's right for you. Your mind will wander down memory lane and into fantasy worlds, all in an attempt to dig farther into your soul.The only challenge you'll face this year will be found in any attempts to behave rationally. That'll just be hard. However, this couldn't be better for love. With your world so rose-colored, you'll find your either more enamored with your sweetheart, or if you're single, you'll easily fall in love with someone new.

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