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Mercury sextile Mars

Strong persuasive abilities

Kelli Fox

Throughout the year, you're going to develop an amazing knack for knowing just what to say. Whether the goal is to make a friend feel better about themselves or to convince your boss to follow your line of thinking, you won't have any trouble getting people to see things from your perspective.Your motivational and persuasive abilities are about to reach a peak, making this an ideal time for work. In addition to motivating others, you'll be ready and eager to take on whatever the world dishes out.

Try to get yourself assigned to projects that involve communication. You've got great, concrete ideas, which will be easily backed up with hard facts. Everything from creating proposals to direct sales will be easy for you, and satisfaction will be found in every task you're able to cross off your list.Don't forget to take some time out for love as well. You'll have great energy, all conversations will flow smoothly and your creative mind will inspire highly romantic dates, which will be quite the treat for whomever you adore. If you're currently single but looking, take advantage of those great communication skills of yours to sweep someone special off their feet.

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