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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Achieving mental clarity

Kelli Fox

With your mind working as fast as it will be this year, you could find yourself wondering just why anyone bothers with computers! Well, slow down a bit every now and then, and remember that not everyone can think as fast or as well as you. Then feel free to get that mind of yours back into high gear, as you'll have success with all of your mental pursuits.You'll find you're especially talented when it comes to communicating your thoughts and ideas, as well as teaching others about more complex issues.

You'll read and write with impressive clarity, and you'll have no trouble both understanding some of the world's most challenging problems and sharing your newfound wealth of information with others. Use this time to get out and about as much as possible -- the more you can see, the more you'll learn, and the happier you'll be. You can also take advantage of your mental state to improve your work and romantic situations. At work, try to wrap your mind around as many problems as possible; your boss will be thoroughly impressed as you solve issue after issue that has plagued the company. In your free time, you can use your excellent communication abilities to improve a current relationship or get yourself started on a new one.

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