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Mercury opposite Uranus

Struggling for the right words

Kelli Fox

You're walking along thinking about an old coworker you haven't seen in a year, and all of a sudden, there they are rounding the corner in front of you and heading your way. You stop and ask them how their new job is, and they explain that they just got fired last week. Ah, and that's about the direction your whole year will take -- lots of unexpected, coincidental events filled with you trying to keep your foot out of your mouth.Whenever possible just sit and listen for a while before speaking, and even then, try to keep your speech as mild and inoffensive as possible.

Your mind will be absolutely brilliant, but you won't be on quite the same plane of thought as everyone else. On the one hand, you'll have plenty of radical, out-of-the-box ideas, but on the other hand, your year will be filled with miscommunication and missed opportunities because of it. When it comes to your love life, you'll want to try to pay close attention to the needs of whomever the object of your desire is, as you'll have a special tendency to say the wrong thing at just the wrong moment if you're not careful. You'll face similar challenges with your job; have someone check your work as often as possible to make sure you didn't overlook anything.

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