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Mercury opposite Saturn

A cynical soul

Kelli Fox

Beware of the cold and calculating soul who lives within. You know you're generous and that you care for others, but you'll have a rather cynical tendency this year, and if you're not careful, others might begin to suspect that this negative person they see is actually the real you. Prove them wrong by remaining courteous and attentive in any and all situations.Battling that devilish negativity could be made even more challenging as you discover that many people around you will personify your somewhat depressed attitude.

Don't let it get you down. Remember that while it may seem like you're trying to see how you can turn every situation into a personal advantage, your intent will actually be an attempt to put everything to good use. Unfortunately communication won't go quite as smoothly as you'd like, so convincing others of your true intentions won't be easy. This doesn't mean that you're alone though! If things start to get too tough, pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. Someone who's been with you through the hard times will stick with you through this year too.

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