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Mercury opposite North Node

Escaping your past

Kelli Fox

'Stuck in the past' is quite the understatement when it comes to your state of mind. The focus is on your future this year, and yet you can't help thinking about the past, as well as continuing to think like you did in the past. It'll be a challenge for you to change your approach to the world, but you're going to have to if you want your life to continue its progression to a positive future.Your mind will always dwell naturally in the places where you've already been because that's generally the easiest path to take.

If you want to pull yourself onto your proper life path, you'll need to direct your thoughts toward the present and the future. New people could be your initial introduction to a new way of thinking. Their unique ideas and plans could provide you with fodder for your own creative approach to your future. It's crucial to get out and about, trying many novel activities and participating in original and innovative events -- maybe even consider new job opportunities. Remember to listen closely to what anyone says and remain flexible; you never know where this next stage of life could take you, so you'll want to remain as open as possible.

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