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Mercury opposite Mars

Subtle aggression

Kelli Fox

Don't just look before you leap; make a really thorough search of the entire area, from what you think to what you say to how you say it. This is a year where things won't be quite as they seem. In most cases, that means when others are acting so aggressively and obnoxiously toward you, it may not be their fault; it could be yours.

Just because you feel like the innocent victim in this, doesn't necessarily mean that you are. You'll be ready for a fight at all times, and when this undercurrent of aggression moves through you, it will be hard for you to know the difference between your own tactless comments and someone else's rude response. If you start to feel like you're under attack, try to figure out why. Is it because this person is really out to get you? Or is it possible that they're reacting to your own subtle attacks? Before ever answering these questions, you must honestly consider the whole situation. If you answer right away, you'll be far too tempted to just assume the former is the case, but if you want the year to progress smoothly, you're going to have to take a more open look at yourself and your actions. When in doubt, make a joke; try to take the edge off a sticky situation.

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