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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Meet your own expectations

Kelli Fox

It can be so tempting to twist the truth a bit so it fits you better -- but this will not work out in your favor in the end. Your words may be especially powerful for the next 12 months, but that does not mean it's all right for you to take advantage of others or to outright lie. This will be a time to practice constraint and to realize your full potential without resorting to unethical means.You'll have rather lofty ideals -- one of the reasons embellishment seems so reasonable -- but this could make it a bit more difficult for you to see some of the smaller details that are involved in whatever you're working on.

Be sure you don't start to think of yourself as above the details. The whole picture is important, but it's made up of all of the smaller pieces, and if you neglect them, the end result could be less than perfect. Instead, remain true to those lofty ideals of yours, and only accept the best from yourself; and if that means that you have to deal with some pesky details on your own, so be it. And while your focus is on being the best you can, remember not to expect anything more of others than you do of yourself.

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