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Mercury in Virgo

Constructive criticism

Kelli Fox

For the next 12 months, your thoughts will be organized and methodical, and your rational mind will be oriented toward analysis, detail and criticism. If there was ever a time to get things taken care of, particularly the little things, this is it. You will be able to deconstruct anything to figure out exactly what is wrong with it.

You might not be quite as good at putting things back together when you're finished. That could make you rather critical of yourself. You'll need to strike a balance between contemplating how things could be better and only seeing the negative.Your mind will be especially keen, able to see not just the trees, but all the leaves and needles on the trees. Just be sure that you don't let that turn into narrow-mindedness. Others will likely be attempting to view the whole forest, and their perspective is just as valuable as yours. You will be capable of processing complex information and presenting it to others in such a way as to help them in their lives. Because your mind is so active, you'll get bored easily if you aren't keeping yourself busy with more intellectual pursuits. Allowing your mind to stay in constant motion will also be good for that self-esteem of yours, which will be more fragile during these months.

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