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Mercury in Taurus

Steady thoughts

Kelli Fox

You're in no hurry to make any decisions this year. All ideas should be chewed on, mulled over and slept upon. A thorough and methodical approach is best -- or at least that will be your opinion these next 12 months.

Keeping everything simple and straightforward is easy and it's always worked in the past, so why would you want to change anything? Beware that you're not avoiding new trains of thought because you're stubborn or, even worse, afraid to show there's something you don't know. Sometimes listening to others can bring about better and more practical ways of doing things. Still, you'll find that your steadfastness will be something that others will come to rely on, making you a stable force in a bumpy world. You'll be equally stubborn when it comes to how you communicate with people. You'll be slow and methodical in your speech, and you'll expect the same from those around you. Flowery prose will do nothing for you. Your simple approach can be extremely effective, though, especially when you're trying to prove a point. The straightforward, simple and concise way you'll have of speaking will make it easy for others to understand you, and you'll rarely have a need to say something more than once.

Mercury in Taurus in the Natal Chart

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