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Mercury in Pisces

Thinking symbolically

Kelli Fox

Logical, rational thinking is completely overrated. Letting yourself be guided by your intuition is often just as successful as thinking logically, if not more so. Problems will arise, though, because you may not allow your intuition to guide you, but rather, you'll follow the advice and comments of others.

As you think your way through this year, you'll need to be sure that your ideas really are yours, and not merely a regurgitation of what someone else has planted in your brain. Otherwise you could become gullible and susceptible to illusions. You will likely be quite spacey and vague, getting lost inside your own head and processing information that isn't linear or logical. You could also turn into one of those people who is easily forgetful and unreliable. Establishing your own flow of thought that's completely independent of anyone else will help. Fantastic imagery will float through your head, and you'll be quite adept at describing these images and symbols. In fact, you'll almost think better with graphics and symbols than you will with real words. This would be a wonderful opportunity to study Chinese and Japanese writing or even ancient hieroglyphs. Their meanings will come through clearly for you.

Mercury in Pisces in the Natal Chart

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