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Mercury in Leo

Childlike spirit

Kelli Fox

If you've ever been envious of the open, innocent and playful minds of children, you're in luck. You'll think in a friendly and jovial manner, and you'll relate easily to anyone you come across. Any topic, even the more mundane or unpleasant, could be enjoyable and palatable coming from your mouth.

If you can maintain your positive energy and lighthearted, non-serious persona, your mind will be open to all sorts of exciting stimuli.Entertainment would be a great field for you this year, as you'll not only love being in a crowd, but you'll find that people are magnetically drawn to hearing you speak. Though you won't be particularly interested in heavy, intellectual debates, you'll certainly be able to hold your own in any conversation. Your pleasant wit and charm will leave everyone satisfied with any discussion or show you put on, regardless of the views you express. Just be sure you don't let yourself get too egotistical. It could become awfully easy for you to think very highly of yourself because of the positive reactions you get from those around you, but don't let it go to your head -- that kind of thinking could lead you to become too dependent on the approval of others.

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