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Mercury in Gemini

Outwit everyone

Kelli Fox

If mental gymnastics were an Olympic sport, you'd win the gold medal hands down. No one will be any match for your wits this year as you'll be able to out-think and out-talk anyone foolish enough to challenge your intelligence. Just let them try!

Your mind will be race car speeding from topic to topic, never missing a beat. Your curiosity will be never ending, and you'll attempt to understand every concept you come across. Word games will be a form of entertainment for you, and you'll value the company of anyone who can keep up with your logic.Because of the speed with which you'll barrel through ideas, you may be tempted to gloss over things without getting into their full depth. Though you'll be able to get by with this approach, you won't appreciate everything you cover as fully as you might otherwise. Try to slow down from time to time and really understand a new idea. Your skills will be quite beneficial at work, and you could easily shine in any area to which you apply yourself. However, your reading and writing skills will be especially apparent during this time, so if you can focus on work that allows you to develop this, you'll find even more success.

Mercury in Gemini in the Natal Chart

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