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Mercury in Capricorn

Eliminating cynicism

Kelli Fox

A structured and disciplined mind can accomplish a great deal, as you'll soon discover. You'll see patterns in everything you think about, which will provide an inherent organization to all of your work. Clear communications will be a snap, as others will easily understand anything you explain, and you'll find there's a certain sureness and confidence in your words.

You might become a bit too traditional in your thinking, though, so you'll want to work a little harder to keep your mind open to new ideas.Cynicism could play a role in your life, this year. A little bit of skepticism will keep you on your toes and allow you a more accurate account of your world. But cynicism can hold you back. You don't want to become so mistrustful of others intentions that your mind turns into a destructive force, keeping out any new ideas or concepts. You may display formal communication styles and be a bit hesitant to share your thoughts and plans, but that doesn't mean that anyone who isn't like you has ulterior motives. Remain open to new ways of thinking, and be aware that inspiration and influential ideas can come in just about any form.

Mercury in Capricorn in the Natal Chart

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