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Mercury conjunct Venus

Sensual wordplay

Kelli Fox

It is said that actions speak louder than words. But in your case, the opposite couldn't be more true. Your mind is turning into a beautifully run machine, brilliantly analytic and poetic at the same time.

When you turn that power toward the one you love, your words, whether few or many, will speak volumes.For the next 12 months, you'll be charming, attractive and brilliant, and your writing and speaking styles will be sophisticated, intelligent and sensual. You'll find you benefit by this in all areas of your life, but your talents will be most efficiently put to work in literary, social and romantic fields. From writing your own romance to hosting a party, whatever you attempt will prove successful. These skills are also useful in mediation, where you'll discover you're something of a miracle worker when it comes to helping people see eye to eye.If it's love you're looking for, it's love you'll get. All of those qualities listed above will make you desirable and sought after. It will simply be up to you to decide to whom you'll devote yourself. When you finally do narrow it down to one person (if you haven't already), write them a poem or song. Your words will go straight to their heart.

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