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Mercury conjunct Saturn

A critical mind

Kelli Fox

A critic can be bad or good. On the one hand, the critic implies that something is wrong and needs to be fixed, and this can come across as negative. On the other hand, constructive criticism can lead to improvement and better things for the future.

As this year progresses, try to stick with the latter when you consider both your own actions and those of others.You have a practical mind now, and your thoughts for the next year will be quite structured. You'll have little time for light conversation, and cold, hard facts will be a driving force for your thought process. Untested ideas and frivolity in any form will not sit well with you, as you'll prefer the more cautious and safe routes. This could lead to conflict with others as you'll have a hard time accepting their lighter side, and they'll have difficulties with your rigidity and cynicism. Don't let yourself get too critical of either them or yourself, though -- that could lead to depression on your part. Instead, accept that people will approach life differently from you. Put your energies into your work, where your sharp focus, caution and accuracy will be most appreciated.

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