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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Exploring the depths of humanity

Kelli Fox
Mercury conjunct Pluto

You'll have a window to the deepest, darkest psyche of the world around you this year; it's a fascinating perspective, but knowing so much could be scary both for you and for those close to you. Your mind will be able to penetrate some of the most disturbing levels of humanity, and you'll come out the wiser for it -- but the journey will be nothing less than extremely intense!What you consider to be superficial many will consider deep. What you consider to be deep will frighten others.

What you consider frightening will probably be unspeakable. Add to this your incredibly powerful way with words, and you'll quickly become a force to be reckoned with. You'll be able to dig deep into any discussion or argument to come up with the most insightful, winning statement. And your secretive nature will keep everyone guessing about what's going on inside that mind of yours. This is not really the time for romance or any type of relationship. It's more of a time for you to plunge into the depths of your mind, as well as that of everyone else, to learn what you can about yourself and the people sharing this planet with you. When you finally emerge you'll be leagues ahead of all others.

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