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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Reality vs daydreams

Kelli Fox

Reality can seem like such a downer sometimes, especially when you've created such a beautiful dream world. Fortunately, it's okay to stick with your fantasies and avoid real life on occasion, and as the coming year progresses, you'll find you develop quite a knack for knowing when it's time to come back and when it's safe to stay in the land of imagination.At times, you may feel as though you're fighting an uphill battle to keep your rational mind clear of the clutter brought on by your emotional, imaginative side. At the same time, your artistic sense will be keen, especially in the realms of music, poetry and literature.

You may often wonder why anyone would want to stay in this world when they could create something so much better in their minds or on paper. Whenever possible, give in and allow your mind free reign to go wherever it wants. These daydreams could lead to creative ideas or more realistic plans for the future. Also take some time out for pursuits such as spirituality or meditation. The connection you feel to a higher power will be strong and one you should take advantage of.

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