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Mercury conjunct Mars

Verbal sparring and witty repartee

Kelli Fox

Uh oh. Looks like your foot is making a beeline for your mouth. From now until your next birthday, you're going to have to work extra hard to keep both feet planted firmly where they belong.

You've got something of an aggressive motor-mouth mentality that will help improve your persuasive reasoning, but it could also get you into some trouble if you're not careful.This astral climate encourages a 'speak first, think later' approach that's great for a quick and witty repartee, but it'll also bring out your argumentative side. You'll enjoy every minute of it -- you just need to make sure that the person on the receiving end of your verbal sparring is equally pleased. Remain polite at all times, regardless of the willpower that may require. You'll find that the calmer you are, the more persuasive your words, but if you let yourself get too abrasive, others will be easily turned off. Partake in word games like Scrabble from time to time in an effort to take some of the edge off. Your mind will be working in double time, so anything that requires you to focus and use that energy in a friendly manner is highly recommended.

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