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Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Intellectual pursuits

Kelli Fox

Have you ever tried to consider the size of the universe; to grasp just what it meant for something to go on forever and have absolutely no end? Normally, that's a pretty overwhelming task, but as this year progresses, you'll find you crave just that sort of mental stimulation. You'll do everything you can to stretch your mind just as far as it can go.Your mental abilities will be strong this year, and you'll have no patience for small talk or idle chit chat when you could be contemplating some of life's most challenging questions.

Immerse yourself in brainiac activities -- join a philosophic organization, volunteer at a hands-on science museum or delve deeply into the debate of who we are and why we're here. Because you'll have such a hunger for knowledge, this will be an ideal time for travel, as well. Wherever you go, you'll easily pick up even the smallest nuances of the culture, and with each location you visit, you'll understand humanity that much more.When it comes to love, you'll desire a partner who has similar intellectual interests. Regardless of who you're with now, or who you meet later on, you can bet they'll love your company. You'll be so eager to try new things and expand your horizons that your mere presence will be enough to create an exciting atmosphere.

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