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Mars trine Uranus

Get up and do something

Kelli Fox

Talk, talk, talk. You'll have some brilliant ideas, but you're going to need to do more than just talk about them if you want them to become a reality this year. Fortunately, you'll also have a pretty good supply of energy, so if you want to take action you can.

It will simply be a matter of convincing yourself that an idea or belief is actually worth getting out of the chair and doing something about. You will have enormous intellectual power and when you apply that to your 'simple' tasks, you'll come through with great success.In fact, your intellect will quite exceed that of most others, so what you consider simple tasks will likely be incredibly complex. Others may try to throw what they consider challenges your way, but they'll be no match for your skill. You will easily win at everything you do, especially since you'll be something of a master at convincing people to do things your way -- without them even realizing it! Try not to take too much advantage of this skill. The only thing that will stand in your way will be your own complacency. You have the capabilities to go off in search of adventure and return a hero, but you may have a hard time convincing yourself to follow through with things. Make that your goal, and see just how much you can accomplish.

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