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Mars trine Saturn

Energized at work

Kelli Fox

Someone has to do the grunt work, and there's no reason it can't be you. You may not be able to offer up the most glamorous talents this year, but you will be able to dedicate yourself to your work in an honest and energetic manner that will prove to your coworkers and employers just how dedicated you are. The enthusiasm you exude will motivate others to work their best as well, prompting a successful and encouraging work atmosphere.

This will open doors for you, and you could find yourself in the role of leader, if you're not there already.On the relationship front, you'll probably be looking for something more serious and long term. If you're already part of a couple, you may want to try to take things to the next level (moving in together or even marriage?). If you still haven't found that someone special, you'll probably start looking for someone else who's as serious-minded about love as you will be. Keep in mind, though, that this is all assuming you can drag yourself away from your work long enough to remember that romance exists. But love will be worth the effort, so do what you can to make some extra time for a few romantic nights.

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