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Mars trine Pluto

Stimulus for transformation

Kelli Fox

Does it feel like you may not be acting on some of your ambitions as aggressively as you'd like? Well, this year could change all of that. The stars are aligning themselves in such a way as provide you the stimulus you need, but gently so that no one around you feels threatened.

This will be an excellent time to initiate changes you've been wanting to make in your life -- or to come up with some new ideas and act on those! A transformation is just around the corner, and you are fortunate in that this will be a smooth, easy ride.You've been told in the past to trust your gut and that couldn't be more true than in the coming months. Listen closely to what your body is saying -- it's never wrong if you take the time to interpret it accurately rather than just jump in with whatever crosses your mind first. You'll also be extremely motivated when it comes to work, and your leadership skills will be topnotch. Be sure you direct your energies toward a career or project that will benefit others as well as yourself. It's only through assisting others, even indirectly, that you'll get the most benefit from this astral climate.

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