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Mars trine North Node

Your inner qualities

Kelli Fox

Intuition and instinct are not just nice words about traits that other people have. They're qualities that you can take advantage of too -- if you pay attention to what they tell you. Once you develop the ability to listen to your impulses, you'll have no trouble asserting yourself with projects that will take you down the road to your future.

In fact, things could start to go so easily, you may not even realize you're asserting yourself at all, or even that you had to put in any effort.The likelihood is that you will have to fight for your beliefs from time to time, but that's nothing new to you and anything that comes up these next few months will feel almost second nature, not like an argument. This will free you up to try to improve other areas of your life -- your receptivity to your creative energies, for example. There is much you can accomplish, if only you can figure out the perfect way to do it, and channeling all of your inner resources is certainly the best place to start. If you start to feel like you're losing your direction, then take some time out for physical action. Either working out or working on a project that requires manual labor will get you more in touch with the capabilities of both your mind and body.

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