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Mars trine Neptune

Charitable directions

Kelli Fox

Though you may not realize it yet, you have the potential to influence large groups of people. The two areas where you'll see the greatest affects will be entertainment and charity. If you think those have nothing to do with each other, think again.

One of the most useful things you can do for someone is provide them the occasional healthy escape from life -- it's no coincidence that people who couldn't afford anything during the depression still managed to get into movies, or that this was one of Hollywood's most successful eras.If you wanted to get into the entertainment industry, this will be a great year because you'll have the necessary aggression and persistence to get your foot in the door. Your fantasy world will be strong, and your ability to motivate yourself will be even stronger. You'll have a natural dramatic ability, so go out for a local production if Hollywood seems too far away. If you'd like to help out where you are (as you likely will), take some time to work at a volunteer organization or charity. You'll have an uncanny knowledge of what other people need, and your skills as a negotiator will help guarantee that they get it. Regardless of which direction you take, you'll be sure to come out successful by the time you reach your next birthday.

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