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Mars trine Jupiter

An energetic perspective

Kelli Fox

Sometimes you just feel so lucky about everything going on in your life. But is it really luck? Or is it your ability to see both the big and small pictures, and then use that to your advantage?

Well from this birthday until your next, it will most certainly be the latter. You'll be rife with creative energy and positivity, and you'll eagerly see the good in everything that comes your way.Whatever you put your mind toward finishing will be completed in record time and probably with a bit of pizzazz and flair. Everything from romance to work will keep you well energized and feeling good, and you'll be able to use your successes to motivate you further, while you'll hardly even notice any failures (if they occur at all, which is unlikely). Want to make this year even better? Take some of your excess energy and take up a new sport or exercise routine. That will jazz you up even more and you'll be in great shape by the time these 12 months are up. Remember that, though you feel this good, you're not completely invincible, and you'll be able to round out the year with good health, true love and a successful career. Don't ever let yourself forget that this has nothing to do with luck; it's all about your perspective.

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  1. heather gee on February 10, 2019 at 3:09 am

    I’ll need a good supply of energy to be successful in completing important projects.

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