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Mars square Saturn

Frustrating lessons

Kelli Fox

You have many lessons still to learn about life. As you know, you'll continue learning right up until the end, and the coming year is certainly no different. some of these lessons may be a little less pleasant than others.

Your focus these next 12 months will revolve around how you deal with authority and responsibility and just how far you can and will go to get your way.Frustration will fill much of your time, as you will feel like your attempts to move forward are thwarted, and frequently by your own inability to act with enough responsibility the first time. You will become filled with anger as you begin to believe nothing will go your way. There's no real point in trying to hide your emotions because everyone will be well aware of them. It will be imperative that you calm down, rather than giving the appearance of doing so -- that way you can at least look at what's going on with a clear head. You're going to have to remember that this is a life lesson that is coming your way. The challenges you face this year will pass eventually, and you will come through stronger because of them. It will be a matter of learning to understand your reactions, and then figuring out where you can improve.

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