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Mars square Jupiter

Going overboard

Kelli Fox

You better keep your eye focused on the top of anything you're doing this year because it will be far too easy for you to go way over the top if you're not careful. Everything you do will probably be taken to extremes, but most likely this will be at the expense of your intellectual qualities, rather than in favor of them. However, you will like challenges, so if you challenge yourself to direct your creative energies into positive outlets, you could find success this year.Your sex drive will also be over the top, which could be fun, but it may also create some strong feelings of frustration.

Fortunately, this same energy, when applied to work, could produce abundant results. Your love of challenges will be both fulfilled and fulfilling if you manage to continue channeling your excessive energies into productive activities. Beware that you don't let your feelings about your beliefs go to extremes. You could be tempted to pick fights over something (particularly something religious or political) about which you feel strongly. Remain silent. Faith has nothing to do with defense, and you'll be best off if you tolerate other's opinions as well as your own.

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