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Mars sextile Saturn

The pleasure of success

Kelli Fox

An example of a day in your life this year: You plan out your day carefully on your calendar. You execute every last detail at exactly the time indicated. As you check off your last item, you smile, knowing you'll be going home fulfilled.

If that sounds silly, just wait until it comes true. It's been said that the cure for depression is industry, and this year, you'll be quite happy.Your energies will be directed toward responsibility and a dedication to your work. Nothing will be finished until it's been done to the best of your ability, and you will be holding everything you do to the highest of standards. While that may sound tedious to some, it will be ideal for you. You really couldn't be happier than when you've just completed something as planned, if not better. And fortunately for you, your superiors will feel the same way. Though this may not be the greatest year for you when it comes to relationships (don't worry; it won't be bad, but rather neutral), you will shine with flying colors in whatever it is you do for a living. Take advantage of this time to move your career as far forward as possible.

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