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Mars sextile Pluto


Kelli Fox

Your sexually energy is about to run rampant. You'll be fortunate enough to not only enjoy that with a partner (either someone you're with now or someone you'll meet soon), but you'll also be able to channel it toward necessary self-transformations. This is the perfect kind of energy for spicing up your love life and for making major changes to the rest of your life.

Prepare yourself for some action this year!Normally, acting as you see fit, regardless of collective opinion, can lead to trouble, but in this case, you'll be focused on a worthwhile result; self-improvement. You may push this to a rather obsessive level, but as long as you use it to create something positive, something positive is what you'll get. The changes you put in place in your life will come easily to you, as will the changes that just occur naturally. You'll be able to adapt well to whatever is thrown your way, and you'll find that the more challenges you face, the more resilient you become. Nothing is going to get in the way of you doing what needs to be done. Your ability to transform yourself for the better -- and in the face of pressure and adversity -- will be quite impressive.

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