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Mars sextile North Node

On track with your future

Kelli Fox

From this birthday until your next, you will have no trouble forging ahead on the road to fulfilling your destiny. In fact, life in general will go quite smoothly for you. You will be able to assert yourself in a pleasing manner, which will lead you in the direction you want to take, and it will help you create positive associations with nearly anyone you interact with.

Energy will bubble up within you and you will be your own motivation to keep going with your plans.The most important thing you can do to keep everything continuing to flow in the right direction will be to maintain a certain level of constant change. This shouldn't be hard as anything static will not interest you. You'll be open to figuring out all areas of your life that could be improved upon, and you'll be happy to make the changes necessary to get ahead. Social, romantic and work activities and interactions will all thrive, and people will be challenged to find any fault in your associations. Basically, the only thing you need to make sure of is that you take full advantage of this year, and use it to achieve a greater success than even you thought possible.

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