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Mars sextile Neptune

Standing up for compassion

Kelli Fox

Is it possible to be assertive and compassionate? Yes, as you will soon find out. As you progress into the months following your birthday, you will discover that you're capable of sticking up for yourself, while at the same time showing a deep understanding and sympathy for whomever you interact with.

This is an uncanny talent that will help you learn quite a bit about other people and humanity in general. You'll be so sympathetic to the human plight that others may try to take advantage of you, but you'll have such a strong understanding of what's going on -- and such a strong disposition -- that you won't let that happen. You won't easily be taken for a ride, and you'll intuitively know who is genuinely in need of your assistance. Put these talents to work with a charity or some sort of volunteer organization. Or maybe even organize your own group to help the needy. It will be easy for you to connect with everyone around you, and your imaginative spirit will immediately help you put yourself in their shoes, whether they're those you are helping or those assisting you. Your natural leadership and your creative attitude toward the world will help you do good while improving your own life.

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