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Mars sextile Jupiter

Happy energy

Kelli Fox

Exuberant, energetic, cheerful. Yep, that'll be you for the next 12 months -- give or take an off day here and there, of course. For the most part, though, you'll be ready and eager to take charge of your life and expand your mind and your opportunities.

That, in turn, will help you make great improvements to your love life, your career and even your finances. So get ready to actually want to get up each morning and face your day.The two things that will really make this a great year will be your never-ending supply of energy and your unfailingly positive attitude -- you could actually become the person who drives everyone else crazy with your constant cheerfulness! How can you be so happy? Well, why not? Your sexual energy will either help you meet someone new or please your current significant other. Your excitement about your work will inspire you to go above and beyond the call of duty, pleasing your superiors to no end. You'll be willing to take risks that will result in big payoffs. The opportunities will just keep coming to you, and you really have no choice but to be ridiculously happy about everything that goes on around you.

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