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Mars retrograde

A Shift in Energy

Kelli Fox

Have you ever taken a close look at how you assert yourself or at what gets you motivated? Well, you're about to. And there's a very good chance that whatever got you going in the past is about to change.

Something will come up this year that will create some sort of block in your flow of energy, and you'll find that whatever you used to do to keep yourself fired up won't work. That will be your cue that it's time to reassess your actions.Your energy levels will likely go through a complete transformation. If you usually have low levels of energy, they'll increase, and if your energy levels are higher, they'll probably decrease. In either case, you need to pay attention to what's caused these changes in an effort to duplicate the effect or create the opposite. You'll feel a push-pull going on, as you'll have both a desire to put yourself out there and a yearning to become more introspective. Turn this dichotomy to your advantage and focus on the ways in which you draw attention to yourself and get yourself motivated. See what you can learn from your current methods and improve upon them -- or change it all up entirely.

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