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Mars opposite Uranus

Angry rebellion

Kelli Fox

The mundane will drive you out of your mind, and anyone who moves too slowly could create a burning rage within you. Patience will be more than just a virtue for you this year; achieving a mere semblance of patience will be akin to climbing Mount Everest. To get through this year with as little strife as possible, you will have to seek out the unusual -- don't waste your time with anything that appeals to the bourgeois.

You'll be so opposed to anything supported by the masses that you could get marked as a danger to their well being. Try to maintain your individuality this year, but without ruffling any feathers. If you feel like the world is out to get you, you may just be right. The general population rarely understands anyone who wants to move against the grain, and they'll be tempted to attack what they don't understand. This doesn't mean that you'll be at risk of a physical attack, but it does mean that your associations will be much more difficult than usual. You'll want to fly into a rage frequently as you face opposition on all fronts, but that will only make matters worse. Defend yourself and your beliefs, but aggression and brute force really won't get you anywhere. Challenge your intellect and come up with thoughtful, rational responses to difficult situations and interactions.

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