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Mars opposite Saturn

Teen spirit is back

Kelli Fox

Remember how you felt when you were 16? You wanted so much freedom, but just couldn't get away from authority. Well, that feeling's coming back.

For the next year, you'll be having those same angry, rebellious tendencies, except this time you'll have your life experiences on your side. You will have to deal with many power-plays, and every time you think you've gone a step forward, someone will pull you back. People in your life will try to control you and may attempt to block any progression on your part. Whether in a romantic situation or at work, you'll have to struggle to maintain your individuality, and you may have to climb over barriers of someone else's creation and even your own. All this effort could bring latent angry inclinations to the surface. You may feel a rage start to well up, and if you can't control yourself, you could face even more resistance from others. Instead, look to the life lessons you've learned so far. What types of interactions in the past have proven most successful? If you can look past your own emotions to see what's really going on, you'll be able to turn even the most complicated situations into opportunities for life improvement.

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