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Mars opposite Pluto

Conflicts and manipulations

Kelli Fox

You want so desperately to be yourself, to be an individual. Yet the harder you try to go it alone this year, the harder a time you'll have. One of the biggest lessons you'll need to learn will be that not everything is about you.

You need to consider others as well, or you could end up in jealous, possessive relationships or in power struggles with nearly everyone you come across.In fact, you may find that people almost seem to be trying to goad you with their intense interactions. Look beyond what you see on the surface and into the true soul of the person with whom you're communicating. There's a good chance that what you perceive as manipulation will actually be nothing more than your own projection -- something of your own creation. If you don't realize this, you'll likely respond with anger and aggression in an attempt to feel in control -- but you'll never have control if you can't even see what's really going on.It would also be wise for you to remember that the results do not always justify the means. Though it may be difficult, you'll need to put yourself in everyone else's shoes before you make any comments. If you wouldn't like to hear what you're about to say, then you should probably just keep your mouth closed.

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