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Mars opposite Neptune

Imperfect ideals

Kelli Fox

It will be tempting to project your ideals of a perfect lover onto whomever you're with. At the same time, you'll be trying to live up to your own romantic and sexual ideals of the kind of lover you believe you should be. Both cases will lead you straight to disappointment.

If you're going to love, you must do it in the real world. As you'll learn during the coming year, fantasies are fun, but true fulfillment can only happen when you embrace reality.Unfortunately, this will be a difficult lesson to learn, as you'll have a hard time even realizing when you're projecting. You're going to have to develop a more sensitive, compassionate side in order to really understand how to relate to someone you care about. Until you manage that, it's unlikely that you'll be able to have a truly happy relationship. This will be an emotionally trying year, but you could find success if you channel your energies into a creative or imaginative project. Focus on accomplishing something, like art, that can provide a bridge between your natural aggression and your need for compassion. Just be sure to avoid addictions like drugs or alcohol, as they'll only make the situation worse.

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