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Mars opposite Jupiter

A balancing act

Kelli Fox

Balance is a key part of life, and that's exactly what you'll be struggling with as you work your way through the year. One side of you is burning to get on with life, to get out there and forge ahead in new directions. Meanwhile, the other side realizes the value of learning and adequate mental development.

How do you reconcile these two forces? Well, you do it with the patience that you don't quite seem to have enough of.You must figure out how to temper your passion and energy so you can learn greater respect and find a better use for your mental capacities. Your mind will be quite quick and effective, but you may let opportunities pass because you consider them to boring or studious. Most importantly, you'll need to make sure you don't put yourself in danger over your beliefs. Faith in your beliefs is strong, but this does not mean that you need to go to the street corner and start preaching. Instead, you should practice tolerance and realize that being self-righteous does not make you right. If you find you absolutely must defend yourself, then don't ever forget that the pen truly is mightier than the sword -- stand up for yourself.Meanwhile, your spurts of physical energy give way, sooner or later, to periods of exhaustion. When you're feeling up, you can't say no to new projects. By the end of the day, you've taken on way more than you can chew. Pacing yourself, and practicing the phrase 'I'll get back to you on that,' will help you find the fulcrum of the energy see saw you're riding this year.

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