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Mars in Virgo

Practical and efficient

Kelli Fox

The epitome of practicality. That's you. Or, at least, that will be you as you work your way from this birthday until your next.

Every project your put your mind to will be done in the most efficient manner possible, and you'll meet every deadline. You'll be able to work with both abstract and tangible ideas and projects, which can be a rare ability. No task will be too small for your complete attention -- in fact, the detail-oriented work is where you'll excel. Romantically, you'll find that you become much more sensual than passionate as the year progresses. Your body will be quite sensitive and easily thrown in and out of balance by your mental state. If you start to get confused by your physical reactions to whatever life throws your way, then channel your energy toward doing good work for others. Selfless acts will help you feel good mentally, which will, in turn, balance out your physical drives. You will have great stamina and determination when it comes to improving both your own circumstances and those of others. Again, the detail-oriented tasks will fit the bill well here, as anything that can keep your mind captivated will free up some of the stress that's placed on your body.

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