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Mars in Taurus

Sensual energy

Kelli Fox

At your very core is an energy that is sensual and solid. You will have an honorable work ethic and a drive to defend anything that is of value to you. At the same time though, you could have some lazy tendencies, preferring to just enjoy life as it passes you by rather than actively participating.

Try to keep the former traits strong and push back any laziness. You can accomplish a great deal and create an incredible sense of security if you channel that core energy of yours into asserting yourself for worthwhile causes.Sex will also be of crucial importance to you this year. Everything related to touch will hold a special place in your heart, but your personal relationships will be an especially powerful force in your world. Your sexual drive will be strong, but you'll want to ground it in tangible, physical ways that require you to assert yourself. A new exercise program could help. Sexual energies will be an important part of your self-worth and if you can focus those energies into making yourself look better, you'll feel better about yourself, as well. Just make sure you get out and do something, rather than letting stubbornness or laziness hold you back.

Mars in Taurus in the Natal Chart

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