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Mars in Sagittarius

Expansive understanding

Kelli Fox

Expansive knowledge is within your grasp. Your energies will be dedicated toward developing your intellect, and while that's always a good thing, you might want to ask yourself what your motivations are. Your potential for self-righteous behavior is high, and you may be inclined to expand your knowledge in an effort to be better than others, rather than for the simple sake of learning.

That could prevent you from reaching your full potential, so you should try to make sure your motives are pure.You'll fight hard for your values, which is fine, but you should remember that everyone else is allowed the same privilege. More important than being right is the ability to be flexible. Many situations will come up that will test your sense of right and wrong, and being able to admit to a change of position will be a sign that you're on track to developing a healthy belief system, one in which you can assert your opinion without anyone else feeling threatened. Look for the big picture, as it will help you understand the opinions and perspectives of others without getting bogged down in the details.

Mars in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart

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