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Mars in Pisces

Compassionate power

Kelli Fox

You are filled with a soft and compassionate energy. You will have the ability to see other people's weaknesses, but you'll be too empathetic to try to take advantage of them. Your methods of asserting yourself will be sensitive and thoughtful, and others may not even realize you've taken control of the situation.

You, however, will know the truth. You'll move through the year with a quiet confidence and power that will help you get what you want, without doing so at the expense of others.Your sexual drive will feel scattered, but then you'll prefer a more mystical connection to another person than raw sexual energy. All of your being will be about living in a higher level. Take time to make sure you are completely clear about where you stand on things, but when you're certain, you'll have complete confidence in your convictions, and you'll be a silent force to be reckoned with. Your power will come from your heart, and therefore, you won't need the same level of aggression that others will to accomplish the same things. You will be able to easily balance your own needs and transcendence against the urges of others.

Mars in Pisces in the Natal Chart

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